JL Lahey


Independant Author

About Me

Dwells in Arizona

He is currently writing stories for the Elder Codex fantasy series, The Tales of The Nine fantasy series, The Old Man Korddel mystery series, The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo urban paranormal series and an amnesic paranormal mystery set in Las Vegas.

When he is not writing, he enjoys obsessing over role-playing games, girls, renaissance festivals and riding his motorcycle in the rain.

He meets weekly, with his gaming group to discuss different facets of world domination.

Even though he has Dysgraphia which makes it difficult to accurately set his thoughts down on paper, JL Lahey self-published his first book The Sorceress’s Apprentice, without the aid of a professional editor. Since then he has gone through numerous editors that should have gone to the Wizard of OZ and asked for a soul, because they were lacking one. Now with the aid of friends and family, all his future books will be published with their souls intact.


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